Things That Make Us, Us

Things That Make Us, Us

  • Make the best better

    We are team that is never satisfied with what we achieve. For us the day isn’t over if we haven’t made a breakthrough that benefits you.

  • Winning is everything

    You may have heard otherwise, but we know that only when we make a score do you make a score. So, we will stretch as far as we can to let you take the trophy home.

  • Promises are to be kept, no matter what

    Commitment is everything to us. The only thing that comes closest to it in our hearts is our love for tech. We keep our word always. First time clients who are not accustomed to that are always amused by the passion with which we meet deadlines delivering equally on all fronts be it product development, customer service, or even just returning a phone call.

  • Being up for a challenge
    We Adventians are always up for challenges. We may question it, debate it and dissect it. But we will not rest till we see the end of it. So whatever is bothering you, bring it on.
  • The faster, the better
    At Advent, speed doesn’t kill. In fact, speed makes things happen for our clients. The fact that we are quick to solve every puzzle for our clients, make us the partner of choice for every one of them. That said, we are also exceptionally good at what we do and we do it cost-effectively too.
  • Respect
    We truly believe that we receive is directly proportional to what we give. We hold people in high esteem; respect their space and what makes them what they are. We have high regard for talent. We have higher regard for talent with a pinch of humility. We also have immense respect for the world we live in, the environment we operate in and we do everything in our capacity to make sure our people from economically weaker background get to live a respectable life.
  • Democracy at work
    Advent has an open culture and an open-door policy. We strongly believe in and practice a democratic work culture where every opinion is given equal weightage and considered without favour or prejudice. We encourage open dialogue at every level of the organizational pyramid. This has helped us deliver the best to our clientele and also keep every member of the Advent family take pride in their work.
  • Money isn’t everything
    Of course, we all work for money but that isn’t everything for Advent mates. We have stuck together through the thick and thin without putting money into the equation. Cost-effective and brilliant solutions have made us the vendor of choice among our clientele.
  • Informally formal work culture
    Advent is built on the idea that work should be challenging. Challenges are what we have fun with. They drive us. The informal atmosphere and open-door policy we follow gives every individual the freedom to think and operate freely. This great culture drives us, helps us stay passionate about technology and our work, and stay committed to making the best of our every day. We know how to have fun at coffee breaks and around the water cooler, develop ground-breaking strategies at the conference table and the coolest technological solutions at our desks.
  • Stay with the customer
    We believe in making our customer part of our process. While we proactively get back to clients on deadlines and deliverables, we also create space for them to have frank, direct and open dialogues with our developers and technology leaders thus helping improve or speed up the process. This helps us stay incredibly connected to the process and the client, helping create products that surprise the world.
  • Down to Earth
    We think the whole world's going to change, and forget that human beings are still human beings; we have the same five senses, we still interact the same way, we still love and hate the same way, but marketers lose track of that. But then it comes down to earth. So, we always believe on Down to Earth Attitude.